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After 15 years of bringing many astonishing performers from around the world to our small town, The Lift will be holding its final gig at The Globe on December 15th.The cost of bringing the artists we like to a small venue has increased greatly over the years and the availability of low cost or free live music in Glossop has impacted on us particularly at a time when money is tight. The loss of Glossop Town Hall, which enabled us to offer a great dance space and draw in sponsorship, was a big blow and although we are still involved in discussions with High Peak about its future as a venue the process has become so protracted. There is a reluctance by HPBC to make earmarked funds available to carry out the necessary remedial work until the transfer of all its public buildings to a Community Trust which will need to demonstrate future sustainability. So we may be back.....but as to when?

We really hope to see you on Saturday December 15th when we will be playing host to one of the most influential bands on the global music scene who have been successfully blending Indian,Dub,Ambient and Rock since 1979- the legendary 7piece magic of..
Lift D.J.s
Tickets will be £10 and dancing shoes are recommended.
To reserve please email Rick on They will go on general sale at the beginning of November.
In the meantime heres a link to a track recorded in 2011

Many thanks for supporting us over the years,

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YouTube - there are now videos up from 2009 Lift gigs for you to enjoy- Angel Brothers, Baked A La Ska, Carmen Souza, Catfish Keith, Celloman, Gilad Atzmon and O.H.E, Etran Finatawa, The Hut People, Thomas Western.

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Whilst we are reducing the frequency of our club gigs we are always on the look out for special artists to put on either at The Globe or at our annual festival.

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